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Different Level of Security

Certified for the RESERVED level.

FIPS 140-2 level 3 compliant.


We encrypt
all external communications
at the hardware level

The LANPCS family of certified cryptographic solutions addresses the protection of network communications. It allows to connect classified information workstations using the existing unsecured communication infrastructure (cabling, active elements) in normal offices.

Better asset management and asset liquidity 

You can plug in your PC anywhere and you'll be secure.

No need to build or maintain red/black segmentation.

All external communication is encrypted at the hardware level.


A completely independent cryptographic element

We develop our own firmware to implement encryption.

Infection of the host PC cannot compromise data safety.

Centralized management with certified secure remote firmware update.

The user is not operating staff

A secure cryptographic element in your computer.
No risk of mishandling hardware intended for the red segment.
Autonomous mode = safety with ease of use.


LANPCS Products

Security of different types of devices to different extents.


OS minimization and maintenance-free

R/O Secure Boot Disk
= no residual information.


Documents to download

Download our product sheet with specifications or external certificates verifying the safety features of our products.

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